Take this online interactive psychology test and find out what mystic animal lives inside you. Each answer has its proper point. There are no correct/right answers. The result page will show the most relevant content based on the points you get.  Both questions and answers are appearing in random order each time the user takes the quiz. Questions are required to be answered, so the user can not pass on to the next question without answering the current one.

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Imagine that there are only 2 seasons in a year. Which would you prefer?

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What is your favorite movie genre?

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Where do you feel most comfortable?

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What kind of people are you usually happy to communicate with?

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How do you manage difficulties?

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Which word do you like the most?

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The best way to restore your force is:

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Who is your favorite superhero?

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What subject would you become if you could?

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If you have an opportunity to build the house of your dream, which place would you choose?

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