Coupon Quiz

Increase Sales with Coupon Quizzes. Have you ever seen famous eCommerce stores and retailers such as Amazon, and Shopify that inspire sales with coupon codes? Quizzes for Coupons are one great example. Offer your potential customers to pass a quiz and display coupon codes on the results page. Develop give and take relationship with your customer. Collect valuable data about your clients and create promotions matching their needs.

Live preview of the number of all the happy participants who have already got their discount codes!


Pass the Quiz and Get $500 Discount Code

Share some little secrets about yourself and get a Big discount from your favorite store!

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Which online store do you usually use?

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On average how much do you monthly spend shopping online?

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Which Category do you shop the most online?

Why Use Coupon Quizzes on Your Website?

Promote Sales by offering flash discounts and deals to your customers.
Analyze the data that the quiz collects for you and show a more personalized approach.
Engage people in your product and give the newcomers a reason to try them.

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