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Some months have 31 days. Some have 30. How many have 28?


The day before yesterday, Suzie was 17. Next year, she will be 19. What day is her birthday?

December 31

How many triangles do you see in the pictures?


Determine the missing part.


What is half of the quarter of 8000?


What numbers come next in the sequence?

1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16, _


What is the number on the parking spot?


There are 5 machines that make 5 parts in 5 minutes. How long does it take to make 100 parts on 100 machines?

5 minutes

Find the answer


Which picture logically follows this series?


Which number logically follows this series?

2   5   7

4   7   5

3   6   ?


What does digital marketing consist of?

All of the above

What is the goal of digital marketing?

To generate sales or attract leads

What process can you use to optimize and measure repetitive online marketing tasks?

Marketing automation

What is the first step to automating email marketing?


What is A/B testing?

Comparing two versions of a web page, email, or other marketing asset with just one varying element.

Which of the following is NOT a marketing automation tool?


The best way to promote your company on social media is?

Provide lots of helpful and free information

How can you measure effectiveness of social media marketing?

Likes, shares, and traffic to website

What is search engine optimization?

Inserting keywords into a website through programming

On average, organic search makes up what percent of traffic to a website?


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