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Creating single-page quizzes, often referred to as one-page quizzes or single-page applications (SPAs), offer several advantages such as faster loading times, increased engagement, and a more modern interface.

Users can move between questions seamlessly, and let users move between questions seamlessly.

Applied Statistics One-Page Exam

Welcome to our Applied Statistics Single-Page Exam - assessment of statistical principles. Covering Descriptive Statistics, Probability and Hypothesis Testing categories, this quiz offers a quick evaluation in a user-friendly format.

Key Features

Efficiency: Answer all questions on a single page for a quick and convenient experience.

Various Question Types: Radio, Checkbox, Matching, Dropdown, and Number —for a well-rounded evaluation.


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Category: Descriptive Statistics

1. What is the mean of the following dataset?

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Category: Descriptive Statistics

2. Select all measures of central tendency from the following:

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Category: Descriptive Statistics

3. Choose the correct answer. Calculate the range of the following dataset: [12, 15, 18, 21, 15, 14, 18, 17, 16, 20].

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Category: Probability

1. Select all events that are mutually exclusive:

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Category: Probability

2. Choose the correct answer. If two six-sided dice are rolled, what is the probability of getting a sum of 7?

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Category: Probability

3. If the probability of event A is 0.4 and the probability of event B is 0.3, what is the probability of both events A and B occurring? (Express as a decimal)

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Category: Hypothesis Testing

1. Match the level of significance to its corresponding value:

1. Significance level
2. Alpha level

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Category: Hypothesis Testing

2. In a hypothesis test, the null hypothesis is usually denoted by:

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Category: Hypothesis Testing

3. Select all components of a hypothesis test:

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