Trivia Quiz for Kids

A trivia quiz is a type of quiz where users are given a set of unimportant but interesting questions. This kind of quiz is usually used to create a more engaging and informative experience for users, and generates leads and increase the website traffic.

Trivia quizzes can be used for a variety of purposes, including educational purposes, marketing purposes, or just for fun.


Trivia Quiz for Kids


Everyone loves challenges.  

Do not loose your chance, take this trivia quiz and test your knowledge on various topics. 

✨Wishing you good Luck! ✨

Which character wears a mask and carries a knife in the movie “Friday the 13th”?

What is the name of the sport in which you need to dive and perform various acrobatic movements in the water?

In “Beauty and the Beast,” what gift does the Beast give Belle?

What is the name of the animal that sleeps in its hole in winter?

What is often added to a drink to make it glow in the dark on Halloween?

Which animal is considered the symbol of Halloween?

What is the name of the little figurine that children look for in Christmas baking?

Which tree is most often used in Christmas decorations?

Which Disney cartoon tells the story of a country girl with long hair and magical healing powers?

What is the name of the talking snowman in “Frozen”?

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Why Use Trivia Quizzes on Your Website?

Trivia quizzes challenge users to test their knowledge on various topics and increases their engagement.
Users taking a trivia quiz on your page are likelier to spend more time on your page, click through to other content, and hence, improve the bounce rate.
A trivia quiz is a fun way to learn new things and improve memory. Exercise your brain and cognitive skills with trivia quizzes.

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