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Best WordPress Tools for the Online Education

The Pandemia caused by COVID 19, brought to our daily lives drastic changes. When our daily life routine was about living in a lockdown and the choice of activities list was reduced the digital platform has become the number one helper for each of us. Many content creators find a way to create their own platforms to share their content with the world. For example, you can read the Passion.io Review which is a great example of it. 


Unfortunately, pandemia affected the art of education. The student’s daily life was remade with the help of the internet and the digital platform. To organize an effective online education for the students, you will need effective methods.
Now, I want to introduce you to one of the most effective WordPress methods for online education. The WordPress quiz plugin is assuredly a useful strategy to organize online education for students.

How? Read the former to find your answer. 

Best Quiz Plugin for WordPress

With the help of the WordPress Quiz Plugin, you can build highly engaging quizzes, tests, and exams for your website users. This plugin is a perfect choice.

  • Create a Trivia quiz to check the general knowledge of your students about various fields.
  • Generate Personality tests to find out more about your students’ characteristics and provide them with an individual approach.
  • With the Scored Quizzes your students will start to compete with each other and be stimulated to strive for better score results.
  • The Multiple-Choice quizzes will help students to learn further and be more conscious because the multiple choices can be tricky!
  • Create Knowledge quizzes to test your student’s knowledge skills in a specific area and make the scholars more informed in a particular area.
  • The IQ Tests are a perfect method to find out about the undergraduates’ level of common knowledge.
  • Build Yes-or-No quizzes to entertain your website and provide the users with a more engaging experience.

Why is this Plugin Best for Online Education?

By generating True-or-False type of quizzes your students will be able to learn and memorize more facts.
This-or-That quizzes with images are an effective method for Elementary school students to be more involved in education.

The Timer-Based quizzes will make students be concentrated only on the exam questions. WordPress Quiz plugin with Timer is the most effective method to prevent students from cheating. Furthermore, the WordPress best quiz plugin has a feature of copy content protection. You can enable this tool not only to protect your web blog’s content from plagiarism but also the scholars will not be able to copy the questions to make research and find the answers. So the Quiz Maker plugin is an ideal way for teachers to see the real results, and level of knowledge.

Dear teachers, tutors, supervisors, and professors motivate your students with the help of Quizzes with Certificates. Certificate the succeeded schoolchildren and motivate them to strive for better results. In addition, you can easily build auto-generated and fully-customizable certificates and send them with the help of emails.
You can easily generate quizzes with advanced leaderboards. This type of WordPress quiz is
the best way to encourage the scholars to be the first and make the leading results.

WordPress Exam Plugin Functionalities

It is easy to create all of these above-listed quizzes with the WordPress quiz plugin.
Numerous progressive features are going to help you advance your website to a higher level and make it more entertaining. Moreover, boost user traffic, make the visitors stay longer on your website, and advance website visitors’ engagement by using Quiz Maker plugin

After passing the quiz the results can be presented by responsive charts. The result charts can be easily presented for all of the quizzes or separately. Furthermore, this tool will perfectly demonstrate the achievements of the students. In this way, the teachers, tutors, or supervisors will have more exact and accurate information about the accomplishments of each student. 

As well as during the online examination period, the User Restriction tool will become one of the unnecessary ones. With the user-restricted quizzes, you are able to decide who will have permission to pass the quiz. The quiz maker user can easily specify the attempts count of users, who are going to take the exam or test. Moreover, you can easily detect their tries by IP addresses, User IDs, and Cookies. 

Another worth mentioning tool is the Answer Weights or Points. While creating the quiz you can define different points for each question answer. This attribute will help to generate complicated quizzes, create challenging exams and find out the level of knowledge of each student.

To Sum up…

Online quizzes are the best method to engage the level of your knowledge, enhance your learning skills, and achieve better results in an educational field.

The WordPress best Quiz plugin has numerous progressive functionalities which will definitely help the plugin users to spice up their websites.
This is the right time to make sure by yourself! Go forward and download the best quiz plugin for WordPress!

BTW: Did you know that WordPress Survey Plugin also allows you to create questionnaires and get valuable feedback from your students? So you might also want to check that out!

Also, if you’re in need of enterprise app development services, consider working with a team that has experience integrating custom plugins like this one to create unique and engaging user experiences.

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