Must-have WordPress Plugins for 2022

If you want to have a successful WordPress blog, then it is essential for you to know about the must-have plugins for WP in 2022.  

In this article, we will review various WP plugins in different niches, including SEO, page builders, live chat, CRM plugins, and more. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start!

What are WordPress Plugins?

Before we get started, let’s take a look at what WordPress plugins are. 

WordPress plugins are add-ons, additional pieces of code that add the necessary functionality to your website without requiring you to code. 

You can gain multiple benefits with WordPress plugins, including more functionality, better promotion opportunities, SEO optimization tips, and many more. 

Top 10 Must-have WordPress Plugins

So, as far as we are clear on what plugins are and how they can be useful for your WordPress website, it is time to jump into the plugins. 

Down below you can see the Top 10 Must-have WordPress plugins in 2022. 


must have wordpress plugins in 2022

The first plugin we wanted to mention is – Elementor

Elementor is an incredible website builder plugin for WordPress. It makes the whole website and page-building process a lot easier, visually pleasing, and enjoyable. 

Elementor essentially offers drag & drop website builder & visual editor. Let’s take a look at other features that come in handy with this plugin. 

Main Features

So, the main features are:

  • Template library 
  • Responsive design for any of the screen sizes 
  • Communities 
  • Lots of customization options are available 
  • Pixel-perfect design

Most of us are visual learners, so if you want to have a website that is truly visually powerful and attractive, then consider Elementor. 

Cost Calculator by QuanticaLab

If you’re looking for a smart and user-friendly tool that makes it simple for you to generate price estimation forms then you are in the right place.

Cost Calculator by QuanticaLabs allows creating quick and straightforward price forms so that you can give your client an idea of the project cost or the cost of your service

The Cost Calculator plugin helps you to build any type of estimation form in a few easy steps. Moreover, the plugin offers to create an unlimited number of price estimation forms and insert them on any page and post.

One more thing, the plugin also comes with a built-in visual form builder, there is no need for any external plugins to work with rows, columns, and components. But you can also take advantage of WPBakery Page Builder’s complete integration.

Main Features

  • Highly responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • An unlimited number of calculators and appointment forms.
  • Completely customizable layouts and components.
  • The plugin comes with several calculator components like a Dropdown, Slider Box, Input Box, Switch Box, and more. Each of the components can be freely configured.
  • All calculations and submitted forms are saved to the database and accessible from the admin area. 
  • Calculation forms are emailed to the provided email address.


The one-time purchase of the plugin costs only $30. The plugin comes with a lifetime of updates and 6 months of plugin support.


Another plugin from the same niche of website building is SeedProd 

Essentially this is a potent tool for building websites, landing pages, and other elements of a powerful & unique website theme. 

With SeedProd, due to its amazing user interface, you can easily build a theme for your website in a matter of minutes. Let’s just take a look at the main features. 

Main Features

So, the main features are:

  • Drag & Drop page builder
  • Theme Builder
  • 200+ pre-made themes that are customizable 
  • Ready & customizable landing page templates 
  • Stock images 
  • Live previews 
  • Mobile device preview 
  • And many more

All the features are aimed at enhancing your experience with website builders. They also are aimed to give you all the necessary tools to build powerful and truly unique websites that differentiate you from competitors. 

Yoast SEO

The next plugin that you must have on your WordPress website, especially if you operate a blog, is Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a powerful plugin for SEO optimization. Yoast not only outlines parts of blog posts that need more attention, such as those that are not well-readable. It also provides a full list of tips for better SEO optimization. 

Let’s just look at the primary features it comes in with. 

Main Features

So, the main features of the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin are:

  • Automated technical improvements of the SEO
  • SEO analysis 
  • Internal and external linking suggestions 
  • Control over your website’s breadcrumbs
  • Keyword density suggestions 
  • Keyword research tool

So, if you plan to improve your site’s visibility and rank high in SERPs to drive more organic traffic to your website, Yoast SEO is a perfect plugin. 

3CX Live Chat 

Next up is 3CX Live Chat, and this is one of the plugins every WordPress website owner must have. 

Customers will likely need a quick communication channel if you offer products or services for sale. If you reply to an email in a few hours, you may lose lots of potential customers. 

So, instead of wasting your time, install one of the best WordPress live chat plugins, such as 3CX Live Chat, and provide your customers with instant communication & better support experiences. 

Main Features

The main features of 3CX include the following: 

  • Customizable chat box
  • Ban of visitors based on IP addressed
  • Choose on what pages the live chat button will be visible 
  • Enable and disable the sound option

It is your time to level-up customer experience. 


If you want to manage customer relationships successfully, then you need a CRM plugin. 

One of the best CRM plugins on WordPress you might consider having is HubSpot CRM. It comes in handy with lots of amazing features that will level up customer relationships. 

Main Features

So, the main features are:

  • Email newsletters & marketing automation to help you keep customers updated 
  • Drag & Drop email builder to customize and personalize the emails sent
  • Live chat support
  • Powerful Analytics tool 
  • DMARC policy to protect your domain from phishing attacks and spam 

With all the features that HubSpot CRM offers, you will be able to take the CRM of your brand to the next level. Plus, you can utilize the power of analytics and improve your further marketing strategies. 


If you want to improve your visibility and reach wider markets, offering a translation plugin is the best way to do so. 

One of the most potent plugins is GTranslate

GTranslate comes in handy with all the necessary features to start and successfully manage a multilingual website. Plus, it has affordable pricing plans and a free version.

So, let’s take a look at the main features.

Main Features

  • Automatic translations
  • Customization of flags display
  • Translation of website, themes, and plugins
  • Availability to include or exclude certain pages from being translated
  • Alternative flag options 
  • Multilingual SEO 
  • Metadata translation 
  • Many more 

GTranslate is a must-have WordPress plugin to grow your audience. 


Members is an incredibly useful tool for creating and managing a membership website on WordPress. 

It allows you to assign certain roles to users, set permissions, and even restrict content based on user roles. 

So, I guess it is time for us to review the primary features. 

Main Features

  • Role Editor & Multiple user roles setting
  • Restricted content 
  • Permit access to certain types of content based on specific user roles
  • Admin access and privacy caps 
  • Plugin integrations

Use members to create a powerful membership website and manage everything more successfully than ever. 

Contact Form

Contact Form is one of the most famous Drag & Drop form builders on WordPress. 

Indeed it is also quite beloved by WordPress users. It offers lots of features for the creation and customization of different forms.

The forms you create with the Contact Form plugin are responsive for all screen sizes and modern looking. You can create almost everything you want, including polls and surveys. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the main features. 

Main Features 

  • Drag & Drop form builder 
  • Pre-made templates that are highly customizable 
  • Features to create various types of surveys and polls
  • Pre-made forms optimized for conversions 
  • Incredible user interface that is easy to use even for the beginners
  • Spam Protection feature
  • Functionality allows you to split long forms into multiple pages 
  • Integrations with PayPal, Stripe, GetReponse Forms, Mailchimp, etc. 

So, you can utilize this plugin in order to create good-looking and highly customizable forms. Due to the incredible user interface, the form-building process is made easy, and it will save a great deal of your time. 

Survey Maker 

Create surveys and keep your users engaged.

Surveys are truly good at boosting user engagement. Besides, they are really good for market research, product beta testing, and generally grabbing vital data about your audience to further use in the marketing strategy. 

So, one of the best plugins that will allow you to create surveys easily is Survey Maker

It will allow you to create and customize surveys easily. 

Main Features

The main features Survey maker comes in handy with are:

  • Multiple question types are available, including radio, checkbox, dropdown, scale, number, file upload, and others
  • You can create multi-page surveys with unlimited sections
  • Survey submissions, result tracking tools
  • Advanced styles for better customization, including fonts, theme, background color, button & button text colors, and others
  • Restrictions such as you can restrict people who can take the survey based on, e.g., logged-in users or IP address.

Most importantly, your surveys will have unlimited sections, questions, and pages, and you can create as many surveys as you want. Plus, Survey Maker is also available in a Pro version. 

So, consider Survey Maker. Your friend is boosting engagement and traffic on your website and grabbing necessary user-related data. 

Poll Maker

If you want to boost engagement on your website yet not take too much time from your customers, then creating Polls is the simplest way to do so. 

You can create amazing and customizable polls through the Poll Maker plugin. 

Main Features

  • Multiple Poll Types, including choosing, rating, voting, dropdown, range, and even versus
  • Unlimited Polls, answers & results 
  • Various icons available 
  • Limitations by user roles functionality available 
  • Style settings, pre-made themes 
  • Live preview option 

Besides all the features mentioned above, you will be able to notify admins by email, schedule polls, and even limit votes. 

So, consider installing the Poll Maker plugin if you want to enhance your user experience. 

Ads Pro

If you are looking for a perfect advertising plugin, then you are in a right place. Ads Pro is a very popular WordPress premium plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can manage, display and sell your advertising space as well as show user-friendly ads on your website. It is super easy to use. Ads Pro has highly customizable templates.

Main Features

The main features of Ads Pro include:

  • Scheduling your ads
  • Controlling the ads’ delay
  • Usage of a grid system that will help you match ads to your website
  • Displaying your ads in more than 20 ways that include background, grids, corner peel, sidebar, video, floating, and many more
  • Providing you with more than 25 ready-to-use and highly responsive advertisement templates 
  • Selling the ad with three different models. They are CPC, CPM, and CPD
  • Giving you the opportunity of geographical targeting that includes provinces, states, countries, etc․

Ads Pro has online payment options, such as Stripe, Paypal, etc.


Ads Pro offers you the following licenses:

Regular License – 57$

Extended License – 199$


So, to summarize this article, I can add that all of these plugins will help you to level up your WordPress website. Be attentive and install and activate only your needed plugins to not overload your website and limit your website’s memory. If you need too many plugins increase memory limit for a better experience.

All of these plugins are widely recognized and beloved by WordPress community members. Besides, our experts tested many of the plugins to find the best ones, and we included those in our listing. 

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