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Guess the Character

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Who is this character?

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Who is this character?

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Who is this character?

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Who is this character?

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Who is this character?

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Who is this character?

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Who is this character?

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Features that we used in this quiz

  • Theme: Classic Light
  • Animation effect: Shake
  • Enable randomize questions
  • Show questions counter
  • Show passed users count
  • Enable live progress bar
  • Enable to go next by pressing Enter key
  • Enable Timer
  • Enable confirmation box for leaving the page
  • Enable progress bar

Find out how well you know some of the most popular cartoon characters. And let us know which is your favorite cartoon of all time!

Educational and Assessment Quizzes are useful, but how about creating something fun. This cartoon quiz is equivalent to entertainment. We have all watched cartoons and no matter the age many of us still have favorite cartoon characters.
Moreover, these innocent quizzes are the ones with the highest engagement and interaction rank as people spending their free time on the internet would most probably pass a quiz that doesn’t require hard thinking. After all, that’s how Buzzfeed quizzes become viral. Many people try to create BuzzFeed Quizzes in WordPress, using WordPress plugins.

With the premium version of the WordPress Quiz Plugin, you will be able to not only make an amusing experience for users but also create outcome quizzes with share-worthy results.

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