Quiz With Different Question Types


Quiz with different Question Types 💡

The quiz is created to represent the types of questions the plugin offers.

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Who is the beautiful actress in the picture?  (Question type is Radio)

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Which movies has Leonardo DiCaprio starred in? (Question type is Checkbox -Multiple choice available)

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Who is this person? (Question type Dropdown)

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Write her name (Question type is Text)

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What is this movie name- "__ Mile"? (Question type is Number )

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When did this tragedy happen? (Question type Date)

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'The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King' (2003) is the only movie to win all 11 of its nominations at the Oscars. (Question type is True/False)

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Did you know that besides the different types of quizzes, you must also pay very close attention to the questions in the quiz
You know now! Pass the quiz and see all the question types that can make your quiz more fun, and effective. The question type you choose can increase or decrease engagement or can change the accuracy of the collected data. With Quiz Maker Plugin you can make great use of 7 question types.

Keep in mind that some of those question types are available in the WordPress Quiz Plugin Pro version.

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