Paid Quiz demo


You need to pay to pass this quiz
This is just for Demo- amount is 0.1 USD

Features that we used in this quiz

  • Theme: Classic Light
  • Animation effect: Shake
  • Show questions counter
  • Show passed users count
  • Enable confirmation box for leaving the page
  • Strong calculation of checkbox answers score
  • Show interval message
  • Show Information Form to logged-in users
  • Intervals: By percentage
  • PayPal Integration

Paid quizzes are a great way to make money online. This method is suitable for teachers and educators, people in business, and marketers in absolutely any field. We can say that quizzes are not only necessary but also required if you want to expand your audience and raise awareness about your products or services. It’s a win-win marketing tool that will entertain your clientele even better.

Another interesting fact about the WordPress Quiz Plugin, you will have the opportunity to create tests with certificates and issue certificates to the participants of your quizzes. You will be able to create completely different quizzes – entertaining, educational, evaluative, verifying knowledge, and so on. All you need to make fun quizzes and connect them to your PayPal or Stripe account. 

With the Quiz Maker plugin, you can fully customize the currency, amount, and payment details of your quiz and change payment terms. Paid quizzes functionality is available only in the developer version.

Check out how to make money with Quiz Maker Plugin’s step-by-step article. It will help you successfully create your own wp paid quizzes.

Also, we have made a video guide for you.

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