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Flu or Covid?

Do you have  Covid-19 or it's just flu?

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Do you have a high fever?

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Do you have a low-grade fever?

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Do you have shortness of breath?

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Do you have lose of taste and/or smell?

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Do you have diarrhea?

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Do you sneeze?

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Features that we used in this quiz

  • Theme։ Classic Light
  • Animation effect: Shake
  • Show questions counter
  • Enable live progress bar
  • Enable to go next by pressing Enter key
  • Enable confirmation box for leaving the page
  • Hide score
  • Strong calculation of checkbox answers score
  • Show interval message

Raise awareness by displaying the Covid-19 Quiz on your website.
Тhe pandemic has become one of the most discussed topics in the past three years. Мany people with mild symptoms, start reading articles and google their symptoms. So why not help your users out in differentiating those symptoms.
WordPress Quiz Plugin allows you to accurately display result messages, which is a very important aspect in this case.

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