5 Important Tools for Students and Educators in the Digital Era

digital tools

The ways of learning and teaching have entirely changed. Nowadays, you do

not need to rely on blackboards, chalk, and textbooks. With the coming of online tools the way we learn and teach have changed. They can help you boost your productivity. Therefore, they have become great resources for students and teachers.

With numerous options there on the internet, how to choose the finest tools that are designed for students and educators?

We made your job simpler and have handpicked the top five tools

that give a helping hand to both learners and educators. 

1. Kahoot.com 

The 1st tool on our list is Kahoot.com It offers many features to meet the academic requirements. Teacher’s can create quizzes for students. These quizzes can help them stay on the top of their syllabus.

In addition, they can involve multimedia elements to make the learning experience for their students more engaging.

Kahoot.com lets educators engage their students in a better way. It offers activities to engage students and enhance their learning experience. To answer the questions asked in the quizzes students can use their cell phones too.

Mentors can also craft activities-based games for their learners and students. They have a chance to collaborate with their classmates too.

The biggest advantage of using Kahoot is that it provides instant results. Students can see quick feedback after answering to each question. Also they can correct their mistakes according the results

In addition to quizzes, Kahoot.com also enables you to conduct discussions on a specific topic. It will help you get an overview of your student’s performance and creative thinking. 

2. Paraphrasing-tool.ai 


Enhance the quality of your written work with one of the most remarkable tools at your disposal. Our online paraphrasing tool, powered by NLP and ML technology, offers a convenient way to rephrase text. Its benefits extend beyond saving time for both students and teachers – it elevates the caliber of assignments and thesis papers as well. Through advanced analysis using NLP and ML algorithms, this tool effectively substitutes words with appropriate synonyms while also restructuring sentences for optimum coherence. The result? A faster writing process with reduced room for human error. With our tool’s wide range of capabilities in mind, no matter what type of document you’re working on- whether it be a research paper or an essay- rest assured that we’ve got you covered! You can take advantage from any one out its six modes tailored according to specific needs; catering effortlessly towards various demands within academic tasks. Moreover,this platform serves as an excellent medium through which individuals may hone their paraphrasing skills too.

Facilitating learning opportunities via side-by-side comparisons between original texts versus those tweaked into diverse renditions ultimately heightens individual proficiency levels.

Alternatively,the teaching community themselves can benefit immensely whilst utilizing such resources.As professors remain consistent in presenting materials pertinent to lesson plans when developing coursework material.

3. Rephraser.co 


Rephraser.co is another great tool that gives a helping hand to students and

teachers. This online rephrasing tool uses robust AI technology to simplify the complex text.

It analyzes the given text and breaks down the hard-to-read sentences into shorter ones. After that, it replaces difficult words with simpler synonyms and changes the structure of text. In this way, it gives a new look to the text. Using this online rephraser, you can increase the readability of your content. Students who struggle to understand the complicated ideas of the text can use the tool to understand its meaning.

Within a few seconds, rephraser.co provides a simplified version of the text. While reading academic papers, learners often see technical terms. These terms are difficult to understand for them. With this tool, you can comprehend the meaning of those sentences that contain complex terms.

It transforms the entire text into simple content. Rephraser.co is perfect for those who struggle to understand a complex concept.

Also, teachers can consider using this tool to make study guides for their students.

Moreover, this tool offers several other features to students and educators. You can create the summary of any lengthy article in seconds with its summarizing feature. Hence, you can understand the crux of that article.

Its grammar checker can underline all the grammatical mistakes in your assignment and make it error-free.

Plagiarism remover is another amazing feature of rephraser.co. You can benefit from this feature to make your content plagiarism-free. It performs the following steps to remove duplication from the paper:

· Analyzes the given text
· Changes its structure
· Substitutes words with right synonyms
· Removes unnecessary words
· Presents unique text to you

So, you can make your paper free from plagiarism with this advanced feature. 

4. Buncee.com 

Buncee.com is a great presentation tool. It comes with multiple customizable templates, animations, and other features for teachers and students. Teachers can create eye-catching presentations for their students. They can also use this tool to create compelling lecture material.

On the other hand, learners can benefit from this tool to create presentations. Most importantly, they can also add their own touch to their projects. How?

They can add their own images and videos to the presentations and personalize them according to their needs. The good news is that they can share that presentation with their teachers and classmates.

Both learners and educators can benefit from Buncee to make multimedia projects.This tool is a breeze to use with its user-friendly interface. Its extensive array of features and collaborative capabilities make it an ideal choice for individuals seeking efficiency and convenience.

5. Hemingway Editor 

Lastly, Hemingway Editor is a good editing tool for students and teachers alike. It instantly highlights the complex sentences and difficult sentence structures of the text.

Accordingly, you can replace those complicated sentences with simpler alternatives to improve the quality of your assignment. Additionally, you can

make it easy to read.

Passive voice sentences can lower down the readability of assignments. Fortunately, the Hemingway Editor points out all the passive voice sentences from your assignment.

It encourages you to use active voice sentences to make your narrative direct and clear. This tool allows you to check the readability level of your paper. According to the readability score, you can make changes to your assignment to make it perfect for you.

In simple words, this tool can help teachers and students identify areas of their paper that need improvement. Conclusion We all know that online tools have greatly changed learning and teaching ways. Kahoot is one of those tools that helps you create quizzes for students. It enhances engagement among your students. It encourages them to participate actively in their projects.

Paraphrasing-tool.ai is a game-changer when it comes to enhancing the caliber of your written work. Meanwhile, rephraser.co expertly simplifies intricate text by dissecting it into bite-sized sentences and more accessible versions. Buncee.com offers an innovative platform for educators and learners alike to create captivating presentations that stimulate active engagement.

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