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Category: Pro


Duration: 5 minutes

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English level test with certificate 🇬🇧

English placement test that is engaging and quick to fill out. Please note that the exam will be submitted automatically within a set time. In that case, all the answered questions of the exam taker will surely be included in the calculation. You can miss the questions by clicking the “Next” button and return to the previous questions by the “Previous” button. Here we’ve also used our “Question bank” Pro option which will display 14 questions attached to the Quiz out of 65 by chance, which will include 6 questions of level A, 5 of level B, and 3 of level C. Different messages will be visible depending on the scores. Plus, this test auto-generates certificates and sends them via email you provided once the test is submitted. Also, you can download the certificate directly from the result page.

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Category: English A

1. Choose the correct option.

2 / 14

Category: English A

2. Mark ..... fly to London tomorrow.

3 / 14

Category: English A

3. I have to go to the bank ..... some money.

4 / 14

Category: English A

1. Don’t start ..... to me about it. You know I don't care.

5 / 14

Category: English A

2. Choose the correct option.

6 / 14

Category: English A

3. I haven’t had lunch with my mother ..... a year ago.

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Category: English B

1. I went to the cinema in the afternoon, before that I ….. lunch.

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Category: English B

2. "Those shopping bags look really heavy. ......carry one for you?''    —“That’s very kind of you!”

9 / 14

Category: English B

3. ..... is it from Istanbul to Bagdad?

10 / 14

Category: English B

1. I have to catch the 5.00 am train tomorrow, so I ..... go to bed early.

11 / 14

Category: English B

2. "Where have you put my keys?" "I clearly remember ..... them on the table last night."

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Category: English C

1. Choose the correct option.

13 / 14

Category: English C

2. Did you really do it ….. or did someone help you?

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Category: English C

1. Choose the correct option.

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How Normal Are You?

1 / 8

Do you believe in astrology?

2 / 8

Would you like to jump from here?

3 / 8

Are you a night person?

4 / 8

One word for this view...

5 / 8

Describe yourself...

6 / 8

What is your temperament?

7 / 8

Do you like walking in the rain and why?

8 / 8

Where do you like to sit on an airplane?

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Personality Test

Discover your strengths and weaknesses - Get instant feedback.

There are no correct/right answers. The result page will show the most relevant content based on the majority of the selected answers.  Both questions and answers are appearing in random order each time the user takes the quiz.

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1 / 8

What's the first thing you do in the morning?

2 / 8

Your dream playlist is

3 / 8

What's your perfect Friday night?

4 / 8

What is the ritual that helps you calm down?

5 / 8

What is your greatest achievement?

6 / 8

What is your favorite place in town?

7 / 8

What would your friends say about you?

8 / 8

If you were an animal, what would you be?


Interview Quiz with different Question Types

The quiz is created to represent the types of questions the plugin offers.

1 / 8

The best way to dress for success is to...


2 / 8

What is the one thing you don't want to do during the first interview?


3 / 8

How long does it normally take for the interviewer to determine whether you are a good match for the company?


4 / 8

What should you NOT do to prepare for an interview?

5 / 8

True or False: Your success stories should only use examples from previous work experiences.


6 / 8

At the start of an interview, you should:


7 / 8

It's best to arrive how early before an interview?

8 / 8

Please type your Date of Birth

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How Healthy are You?

Think about Yesterday! Do the questionnaire and check How Healthy are You?

1 / 13

Did you have more than 2 pieces of toast for breakfast?

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2 / 13

Did you have sugar in your tea or coffee?

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3 / 13

Did you drink a glass of milk?

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4 / 13

Did you drink more than five glasses of water?

personality quiz made with free multiple choice quiz maker

5 / 13

Did you eat any fruit?

personality test with wordpress quiz builder plugin and software

6 / 13

Did you eat any vegetables?

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7 / 13

Did you eat any sweets and chocolate?

8 / 13

Did you eat any biscuits or cake?

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Did you go for a run?

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10 / 13

Did you do any exercise?

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11 / 13

Did you get up before 8 a.m.?

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12 / 13

Did you go to bed  before 11 p.m.?

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13 / 13

Did you watch TV  for more than two hours?

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