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Duration: 5 minutes

Your time is up! Your test is submitted automatically whether you’re finished or not.

English level test with certificate 🇬🇧

English placement test that is engaging and quick to fill out. Please note that the exam will be submitted automatically within a set time. In that case, all the answered questions of the exam taker will surely be included in the calculation. You can miss the questions by clicking the “Next” button and return to the previous questions by the “Previous” button. Here we’ve also used our “Question bank” Pro option which will display 14 questions attached to the Quiz out of 65 by chance, which will include 6 questions of level A, 5 of level B, and 3 of level C. Different messages will be visible depending on the scores. Plus, this test auto-generates certificates and sends them via email you provided once the test is submitted. Also, you can download the certificate directly from the result page.

Click the “Start” button to take the quiz.

1 / 14

Category: English A

I wanted an orange car, but they only had …..

2 / 14

Category: English A

They …….. time for lunch

3 / 14

Category: English A

He goes to work …..

4 / 14

Category: English A

She can’t escape the fire. There is ….. time!

5 / 14

Category: English A

Tom ….. Elizabeth to go to the hospital

6 / 14

Category: English A

We’ve been living in the new house…just over a year ago.

7 / 14

Category: English B

He arrived ….. Heathrow airport on Friday morning.

8 / 14

Category: English B

In the beginning, the street was noisy, but now I…………it

9 / 14

Category: English B

Thanks for remembering my birthday, but you……..bought me a present.

10 / 14

Category: English B

“Those cases look heavy” “….. carry one for you?” “That’s very nice of you”

11 / 14

Category: English B

It’s a pity you didn’t come to the Exhibition. You …. It.

12 / 14

Category: English C

Let’s have another round of drinks, ……

13 / 14

Category: English C

Did you really do it ….. or did someone help you?

14 / 14

Category: English C

I wish I ….. a car, I’m tired of catching the bus.

Please fill in a valid email address for receiving your Certificate.

Yes, I would like to receive periodic promotions, special offers and timely updates or information from the “Company name”.

Features that we used in this quiz

  • Enable question bank → By Category
  • Show interval message
  • Send Mail To User → Send Results to User
  • Send Mail To User → Send Interval message to User
  • Use SMTP
  • MailChimp
  • Leaderboard for this Quiz
  • Text for right/wrong answers show → On passing the quiz
  • Show correct answers
  • Show question category
  • Information Form → After Quiz
  • Enable finish button
  • Enable restart button
  • Enable to go next by pressing Enter key
  • Enable next button
  • Enable previous button
  • Enable Timer → 5m.
  • Calculate the score → By correctness


To get a similar quiz, you need to assign keywords (A, B, C, D, etc.) to the corresponding answers. After that, you need to set down a keyword-based message for each option. The results message is based on the majority of the selected answers by the user and will show the possibly appropriate message to him/her on the results page of the quiz.

Personality Test

Discover your strengths and weaknesses - Get instant feedback.

There are no correct/right answers. The result page will show the most relevant content based on the majority of the selected answers.  Both questions and answers are appearing in random order each time the user takes the quiz.

Click the “Start” Button to take the quiz.

1 / 8

If you were an animal, what would you be?

2 / 8

What's your perfect Friday night?

3 / 8

What is the ritual that helps you calm down?

4 / 8

What is your greatest achievement?

5 / 8

What's the first thing you do in the morning?

6 / 8

What would your friends say about you?

7 / 8

Your dream playlist is

8 / 8

What is your favorite place in town?

Features that we used in this quiz
  • Calculated by keywords method
  • Show interval message
  • Hide Score
  • Enable randomize answers
  • Enable randomize questions
  • Show questions counter
  • Enable to go next by pressing Enter key
  • Enable restart button
  • Animation effect → Shake
  • Show the Social buttons


Here is an example of quiz created with points. There will be 10 questions, worth 1 points each. You either receive 1 point for each correct answer or -0.25 point for each answer that is NOT correct.
Features that we used in this quiz
  • Calculated by weight/points method
  • Question explanation
  • Message for the wrong/right answer
  • Show correct answers
  • Enable next button
  • Show the statistical average
  • Enable restart button
  • Custom Fields
  • Information Form

Test Your Historical Knowledge

Is history your favorite subject? How much do you know about basic world history? Take this online trivia quiz and prove to us that you know!

Dear student, please provide us with your information before taking the exam.

1 / 10

Which weapon was first used at the Battle of the Somme in World War I?

2 / 10

Who was the first US President to declare war?

3 / 10

Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?

4 / 10

How many people have walked on the moon?

5 / 10

What was Michelangelo’s last name?

6 / 10

When did World War I end?

7 / 10

Which of these countries was NOT part of the British Empire?

8 / 10

How did Gandhi die?

9 / 10

How many Catherine's did King Henry VIII marry?

10 / 10

The attack on Pearl Harbor took place in which month?



This WordPress quiz plugin offers more than 7 question types to create engaging and fun quizzes. You can build fully customizable quizzes without any tech skills. Your website visitors will like taking your quizzes because of its responsive design and user-friendly interface.

Check your IQ score.
Get your score in less than 5 minutes.  

Click on the Start button below to begin.

1 / 11

Some months have 31 days. Some have 30. How many have 28?

2 / 11

The day before yesterday, Suzie was 17. Next year, she will be 19. What day is her birthday?

3 / 11

How many triangles do you see in the pictures?

4 / 11

Determine the missing part.

5 / 11

What is half of the quarter of 8000?

6 / 11

What numbers come next in the sequence?

1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 16, _

7 / 11

What is the number on the parking spot?

8 / 11

There are 5 machines that make 5 parts in 5 minutes. How long does it take to make 100 parts on 100 machines?

9 / 11

Find the answer

10 / 11

Which picture logically follows this series?

11 / 11

Which number logically follows this series?

2   5   7

4   7   5

3   6   ?

Features that we used in this quiz
  • Navigation bar
  • Information Form
  • Theme։ Classic Light
  • Show interval message
  • Show questions counter
  • Enable confirmation box for leaving the page
  • Strong calculation of checkbox answers score
  • Animation effect: Shake



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Pro Features
  • Unlimited Questions
  • 30+ Quiz Style options
  • Add Images to Questions
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Certification Test
  • Make Question Required
  • Text For Right/Wrong Answers
  • Results Sheet
  • Randomize Questions
  • Randomize Answers
  • Copy Content Protection
  • Export And Import Question
  • Navigation Bar
  • WooCommerce Recommendation Quiz
  • Personality Quiz (keywords)
  • Unlimited Quizzes
  • Scored Quiz (weights/points)
  • Show Correct Answers
  • Different Results Based on Score
  • Send Automatic Email To Admin / User
  • Results With Charts
  • Export results to CSV
  • Timer
  • Add Images to Answers
  • Flashcard Quiz
  • Quiz with Leaderboard
  • User Page Shortcode
  • Password Protected Quiz
  • Custom Fields for User Data Collection
  • Question tags

Make Life Easy with Integrations

PayPal integration for WordPress Quiz Maker
Google Sheet
Active Campaign integration for WordPress Quiz Maker
Active Campaign
Mycred integration for WordPress Quiz Maker
Campaign Monitor
Get Response integration for WordPress Quiz Maker
Mad Mimi
Zapier integration for WordPress Quiz Maker

Additional Shortcodes

Individual Leaderboard

Leaderboard By Quiz Category

User Page

Flash Cards

Recent Quizzes

Quiz Bank

Extra Shortcodes

Quiz Categories

Single Quiz Results

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We’re sure that you’ll love our WordPress Quiz maker plugin, but, if for some reason, you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days of using our product, there is a money-back guarantee and we’ll issue a refund.


  1. can i add mp3 choice in answer ?

    1. Monica | Support specialist says:

      Dear Customer,

      Thank you for the comment.

      At the moment, unfortunately, there is no such kind of functionality to add audio in the answer options.

      By the way, there is a functionality to add audio to the questions of the particular quiz.

      You can check out this useful link for further information:
      Youtube video on How to create Audio Quiz in WordPress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMJ_CmPFniY&t=2s

      Thank you.

  2. Can quiz taker see results per category in form of charts or scores. After he attempts the quiz. DO we have any demo quiz like that.

    1. Monica | Support specialist says:

      Dear Rahul,

      Thank you for the comment.

      At the moment, unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t have this kind of feature/functionality for the Front-end.

      By the way, thank you very much for your suggestion.
      All suggestions are welcomed as they are mutually beneficial for all of us.

      We will let you know in case we make any changes in this regard and add this kind of feature in one of the future updates.

      Also, I want to mention, that there is this kind of functionality available for the Dashboard of the plugin.
      In order to find this feature, you can go to the Quiz Maker plugin > Results page > filter by Category > particular category > Question category statistics tab.
      Here you can see the chart that shows category right answers by percent.

      See the screenshot: https://ibb.co/553KK94

      Thank you.

  3. Flashcards modülü İphone telefonlarda cevap gözüküp kayboluyor. İphone Mobil Kullanımda Sorular gözüküyor cevaplar gözüküp kayboluyor

    1. Monica | Support specialist says:

      Dear Fatih,

      Thank you for the comment.

      For other readers, please note that the customer contacted us, and the issue is already solved on his end.

      In case of any questions, feel free to contact us.
      Our customer care specialists are always ready to help you.

      Thank you.

  4. can exam be once for each user
    each user even if he press refresh or logout and login he will be able to take 1 exam only ? ??????

    1. Monica | Support specialist says:

      Dear Ahmed,

      Thank you for the comment.

      As far as I understand you want to manage the attempts count of the users and let them pass the quiz only once.

      In order to achieve your desired scenario, you can go to the Quizzes > particular quiz > Limitation Users tab and tick the Maximum number of attempts per user option.
      Then, set 1 for the Attempts count suboption and choose the method of detection of the user: IP, User ID, Cookie, and IP and Cookie.
      By this, the user can pass the quiz only one time.

      See the screenshot: https://ibb.co/HCX3h4Q

      Thank you.

  5. Can i integrate the quizzes with woocomerce and sell them? if yes then do you have any documentation?

    1. Monica | Support specialist says:

      Dear Customer,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, you can make an integration with WooCommerce.

      WooCommerce integration is available in the PRO version of the plugin. It shows different WooCommerce products according to the score.
      The WooCommerce feature implemented directly in the plugin is for a product recommendation and is not meant for selling purposes.

      Also, there is a separate addon, named WooCommerce Integration, which allows you to sell your quizzes as WooCommerce products.
      Here is the link: https://ays-pro.com/woocommerce-integration-addon

      Thank you.

  6. I am looking to buy this plugin currently I am using the free version, before that I want to know two things
    1. Can we show the score in number other than percentage
    2. Can we score based on 1 right answer 4 points and for 1 wrong answer 1 point get reduced from the final results, most of the govt exam sites do it.

    1. Monica | Support specialist says:

      Dear Ragi,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Please find the answers to your questions below:

      1․ There are three possible ways you can display the score of the result. You can display it By percentage, By correct answers count, and By weight/points.
      In your case, you can choose the By weight/points option.

      See the screenshot: https://ibb.co/L9fwvM0

      2. You are now referring to the Negative marking option.
      You can add a negative marking by using our Quiz Maker plugin.

      For that, you can go to the Quizzes page > particular quiz > Results Settings tab > Calculate the score option and choose By weight/points question method.

      See the screenshot: https://ibb.co/Jc2dFr0

      Then go to the Questions page > particular question and type a negative marking (with – symbol) in the Weight/Point input.
      You can insert, for instance, -1 for each wrong answer and 1 for each right answer manually.
      In this case, if the user answers incorrectly to the question, 1 point is being deducted from the total score.

      See the screenshot: https://ibb.co/1zznJ6b

      Thank you.

  7. Hi

    Can I add Name & Signature of the instructor in the Certificate?

    1. Monica | Support specialist says:

      Dear Jan,

      Thank you for the comment.

      In order to achieve your desired result, you can create a background image with the name and the signature of the instructor and add the image for the Certificate background image option.
      In order to find this option, you can go to the Quizzes > particular quiz > Email&Certificate tab > Send certificate to user option.

      See the screenshot: https://ibb.co/9hJHZNz

      Thank you.

  8. is it possible to have a timer per question ?

    1. Monica | Support specialist says:

      Dear Customer,

      Thank you for the comment.

      At the moment, unfortunately, the Quiz Maker plugin doesn’t have the timer per question option available.

      By the way, please note, that you can set a timer for the whole quiz.
      For that, you can go to the Quizzes > particular quiz > Settings tab and tick the Enable Timer option. 
      By this, you can set a countdown timer for the quiz. The quiz will end as soon as the time is up.

      See the screenshot: https://ibb.co/FWHnKZz

      Thank you.

  9. Hi i have an elearning marketplace which covers several classes from primary to secondary etc. My question,is it possible tom use your plugin such that each class and teacher can set their own excercises and questions.Does the plugin work with other payment gateways that we already use like Payfast,PayNow etc

    1. Monica | Support specialist says:

      Dear Bernabe,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Please find the answers to your questions below:

      1. Regarding creating questions, the Quiz Maker plugin is designed in a way, that you can add an unlimited number of quizzes and questions. No limit on the count of participants taking the test at the same time as well.

      2. Regarding the payment gateways, unfortunately, at the moment, we have only PayPal and Stripe integrations available.

      By the way, we will take this as a suggestion.
      All suggestions are welcomed as they are mutually beneficial for all of us.

      We will let you know in case we add this kind of feature in one of the future updates.

      Thank you.

  10. Bonjour,
    Une fois que la personne à terminé son quiz, est ce possible d’ajouter une redirection automatique sur une autre page ?

    1. Monica | Support specialist says:

      Dear Mélanie,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, the plugin has this kind of functionality available.

      In order to achieve your desired scenario, you can go to the Quizzes > particular quiz > Results Settings tab and enable the Redirect after submission option.
      Here you insert the URL for redirecting after the user submits the form for the Redirect URL option.
      Moreover, you can also set the delay for redirection via the Redirect delay (sec) option. It shows the redirection delay in seconds after the user submits the form. The value should be greater than 0.

      See the screenshot: https://ibb.co/yybczzW

      Thank you.

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